What is an IT Roadmap? Benefits and Roadmap Examples

However, sometimes, a brand new launch may involve full overhauling of the existing template. In this step the critical system requirements from the second step are transformed into technology drivers for the specific technology area. These drivers are the critical variables that select the technology what is an IT roadmap alternatives. Drivers depend on the technology areas but they relate to how the technology addresses the critical system requirements. Once it is decided what must be roadmapped, the critical system requirements can be identified; they provide the overall framework for the technology roadmap.

For example, the roadmap should lay out the budget allocated for different stages of product development, and how the money must be spent. Since it is a planning document, the allocation should be tentative, or in a given range. So, not only marketing, but the finance department should also be a part of the product roadmap.

Therefore, you’ll need a roadmap tool that works the way your clients and colleagues do, and the resulting roadmaps are easy to view, edit, download, or share by anyone, with their usual office tools. Once you have covered all the steps above, you can then proceed to actually building your visual either by using a roadmap template or a dedicated roadmap tool. Defining an overall goal along with the major steps needed to reach it, a roadmap helps articulate the why behind the desired outcome and the plan for getting there within all kinds of strategic initiatives. On the other hand, a project roadmap deals with a project with some set of tasks that development teams have to complete. In roadmapping, teams determine and take necessary steps, actions, and resources that will help them to bring their product blueprint to life.

The Definitive Guide to Developing an IT Strategy and Roadmap

Product roadmaps are documents that need to be accurate not just today but into the future as well, and in some cases, they must work up to the event horizon of launching the idea tangibly. Therefore, executing different phases of the product roadmap on time and in succession is mission-critical for all stakeholders. The release date should be feasible to avoid friction between various departments while providing ample time for development to proceed undeterred. A strategic roadmap is a time-based document of your company’s current strategy, goals, and strategic plans. At a high level, a technology roadmap is a strategic plan which clearly lists all the technological initiatives being leveraged by a company.

To interpret and execute the basic framework for a product roadmap is the litmus test for a product manager. A roadmap becomes a queue when the product team plans their roadmap using multiple batches of work during a specific period of time. If a certain initiative doesn’t get done during the first batch, it will take it longer to get done considering the size and timeframe of the next batch of work. A roadmap queue is inefficient and affects the speed of new features getting added to the roadmap. Roadmaps help keep team members on the same page in terms of an initiative’s scope, objectives, and timeline.

  • These concepts are the actual meta-data model, which is an adjusted class diagram.
  • A roadmap is a tool that helps product managers visualize how they can achieve their goals.
  • Organize work into phases – group your ranked list of features or major efforts into major releases or stages and define their duration.
  • And a technology roadmap essentially sets the stage for any of a company’s digital operations.
  • Business goal-setting frameworks like Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT analysis, or Ash Maurya’s lean canvas can help you audit your goals at that high level.
  • Unlike product roadmaps, which often show which features and initiatives will be executed in the short-term, strategic roadmaps illustrate the long game.
  • Viewing the entire team’s initiatives on a single roadmap paints a picture of the department as a whole.

If you do not have an IT provider and want to discuss how an IT roadmap could benefit your business, you can schedule a consultation with WEBIT Services. It is created with the distant future in mind only with little thought to the present or near future goals. By the end of this article, you’ll learn the definition of an IT roadmap, how it’s constructed, its benefits, and its potential disadvantages. Of course, in the end, only you can decide for yourself if this IT strategy style is right for you. As an IT provider, WEBIT Services feels that IT roadmaps are a foundational piece for a successful client-provider relationship.

What Is the Use of a Roadmap?

Finally, create a section called performance management to overview the entire process and execute the same. Categorize it into milestones, and include a sub-type of reviewing these milestones. Software development work is done in stages, after the client green signals the previous phase. Details of this ongoing process should be mentioned and made available to the team for reference. Also, attention must be diverted to slimming the roadmap by nullifying all those areas that may be redundant.

The definition of an IT roadmap

When you define a strategy, you put across the direction your business will take to achieve your goals. On the other hand, a strategy will have some roadmap components. It will also include the business side of your target markets, revenue your business generates, competitors, and so on. This roadmap type increased for internal teams to operate and strategize the work efficiently.

How to Plan Ahead With a Product Roadmap

For example, if you’re still using local software when a cloud-based solution might be better, without a technology roadmap to highlight the age of your systems, the issue could fly under the radar. When different teams have different priorities, it can be tough for them to see eye-to-eye. But a technology roadmap can give you the final word — and it’s tough to argue with hard data.

This is a fun — but super effective — way to prioritize your outstanding tasks, by inviting subject-matter experts to collaborate and share their expertise in an all-new way. Airfocusallows you to gain instant oversight of your development process — just zoom out and see the year ahead broken down into quarters, months, or weeks. State of the company’s tech infrastructure, but it’ll also provide reassurance as to what’s coming in the future. From disagreements about font choices, to the sharing out of responsibilities, completing a project as a group is no easy task. No doubt there’ll be a mad last minute scramble, as you all join together in the common goal of not completing flunking the class.

The definition of an IT roadmap

Some projects operate on more of a macro scale, meaning the day-to-day detail matters less than the bigger picture. In these cases, you’ll benefit from the Board View, which allows you to view the priorities of your IT operations based on what needs to happen in the long-term, short-term, or right now. Office Timeline helps you quickly turn complex project data into clear PowerPoint roadmaps that are easy to follow, but hard to forget. One such dedicated roadmap maker is the PowerPoint add-in called Office Timeline.


A project roadmap, by contrast, presents only a high-level, strategic view and does not delve into the day-to-day tasks or a detailed view of what everyone is working on. The roadmap is designed to help the team present an at-a-glance view of the project’s status to other teams, such as the executive staff, investors, the marketing and sales departments, etc. A product enterprise incorporates multiple key stages into the business development process. It’s an in-demand segment, and you need to innovate constantly to stay on top of the game. You research the demand, set the criteria for uniqueness, and plan accordingly. In the company a vision should exist and it must be clear that the roadmap can support that vision.

The definition of an IT roadmap

Cross-team collaboration, or cross-functional collaboration, is a process where multiple different teams work together to accomplish a goal. A fishbone diagram is a template that breaks down problems in a way that helps teams identify and address the root cause of an issue. On the other hand, a project roadmap has the following parameters.

What do roadmaps do?

At the heart of any roadmap lies a certain goal or objective tied to the overall success of the company. If you’re more focused on the categorization of individual tasks than specific timelines, the Chart View is certain to come in very handy. Audience-awareness – customize your roadmap according to your intended public and outcome. Depending on the audience, you will establish what to highlight during your presentation. A customer-facing roadmap presentation, on the other hand, might show only a general description of features and approximate release dates. Most work is collaborative nowadays and you’re always in close contact with a client or team.

What Is a Roadmap in Project Management?

Before we can start talking about roadmaps, we need to understand what one is. An IT roadmap is a strategic tool that can help graphically illustrate both long-term and short-term plans. In short, it says where you are and where you plan on going within the next few years. There are several different types of roadmaps depending on what area you want to chart a course for. Portfolio roadmaps display work across different groups or projects. Viewing the entire team’s initiatives on a single roadmap paints a picture of the department as a whole.

It has a listing of all their IT projects and which goal they align with. This is an excellent addition that gives leaders some indication as to which goals are at risk. The only thing missing from this great roadmap is a timeline summary for each goal. The swimlane view https://globalcloudteam.com/ (Figure 1.) of the information technology roadmap is particularly helpful for getting a high-level understanding of what’s going on in IT for each department. Marketing will be able to understand, at a glance, the status of the latest tech to be added or upgraded.

Adjusting this flexibility on a real-life time scale is a challenge that needs to be overcome. In table 1 all the different sub-activities of the preliminary activity phase can be seen. These concepts are the actual meta-data model, which is an adjusted class diagram. So it follows that few hiring managers are schooled in what a product operations job description should actually look like. And gain insights on how teams use airfocus to reduce the complexity of prioritization and product processes. A software roadmap can be an invaluable tool when it comes to juggling your software solutions, not least because each one demands a surprising amount of time and attention.

When a company decides to build on or update a product, it uses the roadmap. Product managers guide the teams using the product roadmap software. Various product manager tools are available in the market to build the product that serves the end goal.

At this stage, these are not detailed project plans, but a path toward the North Star. A typical implementation or strategy realization roadmap comprises of initiative names, high-level cost numbers, tentative timelines, and a sequence to balance the cost, capacity, immediacy, and business value. So, by now you know that a company-wide roadmapping process can help you boost visibility into each team’s goals and how they’re working towards executing a high-level business strategy. Each department within your company has different needs and priorities that will translate differently onto a roadmap .

Executing on strategic vision quickly and cheaply is top priority, and a strategy roadmap will help with this. It visualizes the key outcomes that must be delivered over a particular time horizon in order to achieve the organization’s strategic vision. Here the roadmap also provides the feature to handle dependency management that helps us to visualize work and work together with better efficiency. The main advantage of the Jira roadmap is if we want to track more than one team across the origination then we can implement the Jira roadmap.

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